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Yu-Gi-Oh Genesis Contest

2007-09-01 14:12:18 by Ocelot3000

As a part of my Yu-Gi-Oh Genesis series, i'm giving a few lucky winners to create their own characters and have them animated for the series.

To enter simply do a Full Body sketch of a character in "Yu-Gi-Oh Styled Anime" and E-Mail It To Me At:

The Few Winners Will have their Characters created for the series.
Good Luck

Charlie Knight AKA Ocelot3000

It Is Time To Introduce You All To A New Era Of Dueling....

So, I am posting this to make you all aware out there of my new series Yu-Gi-Oh Genesis.
This New Series will follow the event's of Kyren (Our Hero) and his friends as they enter the new Millenium Regional Tournement, Travel Back In Time and (as traditional for all Yu-Gi-Oh Programming) Attempt To Save The World From the hands of evil.... Episode 1 "A New Hero Arises" is undergoing animation as I Type, And will be available ASAP.... Oh, And, Please watch before you Blam,

Charlie Knight AKA Ocelot3000

P.S. I will post updates of the project as it happens.